Space Is Ace Recycling Quiz

Exactly why is it ace to have space in your black bin?

There are many reasons, but we won’t go through these just yet…first, take this short recycling quiz and see how you get on 🙂

Well, how did you get on? Were you already a recycling superhero? It doesn’t matter if you didn’t get them all right first time, the important thing is you had a go and you want to learn more.

It really is a great thing to have room in your black bin…here’s some of the reasons why.


Space is ace

It’s ace to have space in your black bin because this means you’re recycling materials, helping the environment and doing your bit for Wrexham 🙂

If your bin is overflowing, you’re probably not recycling all that you can…but there’s so many ways you can easily recycle materials in Wrexham – many of these at the kerbside.

Do you recycle food? Alongside the environmental benefits, you’re also preventing your bins from smelling from rotting food – remember your food caddy gets emptied every week, your black bin doesn’t.

What about clothes? There are much better options for unwanted clothes than your black bin. If they’re in good condition you could give them to a charity shop, but if they aren’t what about recycling them at our three recycling centres in Wrexham.

But even if you can’t get to any of these, put the clothes in a clear plastic bag and leave them out next to your other recycling on your collection day and we’ll take them away and recycle them for you 🙂

What do you do with your plastics? Because in Wrexham, you can recycle any type of plastic bottle, all plastic food trays, plastic pots and plastic tubs at the kerbside – just make sure they’re clean first.

These are just some of the small steps you can take to get better at recycling. If you make these changes, you’ll see why space is ace because hopefully you won’t have to worry about an overflowing black bin again 🙂

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