Business rates relief

£14,410 million has now been awarded to 1220 businesses in Wrexham under the business rates relief support announced by Welsh Government.

Although claims are still being received each day, anyone who has not yet applied is encouraged to do so by visiting to check whether their business would be eligible and if so, submit an online application.

If you do apply please check carefully the details you provide especially bank account numbers and sort codes. Quite a few claims have had incorrect details which has led to a delay in payments being made to some businesses.


Our Finance and ICT staff which includes staff drafted in from other non critical areas, have worked extremely hard since the relief was announced and are keen that businesses continue to get the support they are entitled to in a timely way but they are asking businesses that apply to please check and double check your application to avoid delay.

Here’s some frequently asked questions and answers that may help:

How long does it take for the grant to get to the customer?

Straightforward claims should only take about 10 working days but if there is a query – for example missing or incomplete details on the form it could take 2-3 weeks so please fill in the form carefully. If you put a claim in between March 26 and April 03 it may be worth dropping an email to chase it up.

How do I receive the grant – does it go straight into my bank?

Yes it goes straight into your bank. This is the only option which is why providing accurate bank details is important. We’ll be in touch if you’ve provided incorrect details but that will mean a delay so please double check what you submit.

How much will I receive?  

If your Rateable Value is £12k or below, it should be £10k.  If over £12k, it should be £25k  (except childcare providers who get £10k whatever their RV)

What are the timescale on replies to e-mails?  

There are no set timescale as  the same team processing the claims are also dealing with queries and we have a high volume, however, you should receive a response within 10 days.

If I’ve already got a small business relief what does the grant help with?   

You can use the grant for whatever they want, i.e. staff wages, rent, utilities etc.  We are only administering on behalf of Welsh Government and they have provided no clear direction on this.

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