Light It Blue

We lit up some of our buildings earlier tonight to remember those who’ve lost their lives to Covid-19, and to pay tribute to all key workers and the NHS.

A nationwide clap to thank the NHS and all key workers and carers will also take place tomorrow (Sunday, July 5) at 5pm in what is intended to become an annual tradition.

Please take part in the clap, which also marks the 72nd anniversary of the NHS.


Cllr Mark Pritchard, Leader of the Council and Lead Member for Assets, said: “We would like to take this opportunity to remember all of those who have sadly lost their lives to Covid-19, as well as to show our appreciation to all NHS staff and carers.

“The 72nd anniversary of the NHS is the perfect opportunity to do this, and we were delighted to be able to light up our buildings, once again, in appreciation for everything they continue to do for us all.”

Please take part in the clap at 5pm on Sunday

Cllr Hugh Jones, Lead Member for Communities, Partnerships, Public Protection and Community Safety said: “The NHS has always been special to us in the UK and over recent weeks it’s value has been truly appreciated.

“We encourage everyone to take part in whatever way they can to show their appreciation of the NHS and to all those working as carers who have always put the welfare of others first, as has been highlighted during this pandemic.”

Cllr Joan Lowe, Lead Member for Health and Adult Social Care, added: “It’s an excellent opportunity to show our immense gratitude to the NHS and all care workers whose tireless work is reassuring to us all during these very worrying times.

“Happy Birthday NHS and a huge thanks to all our carers.”

A few weeks ago, we also lit up our buildings in rainbow colours to say thank you to all key workers. Take a look at the images below…

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