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Getting rid of used cooking oil isn’t the easiest of kitchen jobs.

It can be unpleasant and messy pouring it into another container, and it can all feel a bit like wasted effort if you just end up throwing the container away.

But – even though we all do! – we can’t just pour it down the drains, because that runs the risk of clogging pipes or creating massive fatbergs, which are difficult to shift and can cause huge problems for waste and water companies as they try to keep the pipes and sewers flowing.


Luckily, we’ve now got a solution which’ll help spare the drains – and even put the used oils to some very nifty new uses…

New oil containers

We’ve recently installed cooking oil containers at our Household Recycling Centres at Plas Madoc, the Lodge, Brymbo, and Bryn Lane on the Wrexham Industrial Estate.

If you’re keen to get rid of old cooking oil, just ask one of our on-site workers to unlock the oil container for you.

Pour in what you want to get rid of, and we’ll do the rest.

Old oil – new fuel

We recover the waste oil through a natural process of filtration and sedimentation.

It sounds a bit hi-tech, but basically, we wait for the heavier oil to sort itself out from the lighter oil.

The oil from all the containers is left to settle in big tanks for two to five weeks, allowing the process mentioned above to take place.

Once complete, the heavy sediment is removed from the tanks and lighter, purer oil is filtered to turn it into a very useful, environmentally-friendly bioliquid called LF100.

And LF100 can then be used in eco-friendly power stations to generate renewable energy, which is then used to power homes and businesses across the UK.

Not a bad way to get rid of some old bacon fat!

And, better yet, it’ll keep the lights on and help keep the pipes working.

“Win-win situation”

Cllr David A Bithell, Lead Member for Environment and Transport, said: “I’m very glad to see these new oil containers installed at our Household Recycling Centres, operated by FCC Environment.

“We want to encourage householders to recycle whatever they can, and to make that as easy as possible.

“Given the fact that the oil used goes into generating green energy, it’s very much win-win, so we hope people take up the opportunity as soon as possible.”

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