The former Ebenezer Chapel, in Cefn Mawr, was expected to be a beacon of regeneration in the village when it was refurbished back in 2007.

Unfortunately, despite many attempts to generate business and community interest, the building has remained vacant for the last six years and is now suffering from vandalism.  This is, of course, a real shame for the village.

As the building is owned by Wrexham Council, we have been actively looking to sell it, in the hope of finding a buyer who will use it to support or strengthen the local economy.

Steve Bayley, Head of Housing and Economy at Wrexham Council, said: “When selling the building, we have a duty to secure the best price (where possible). With that in mind, we decided to auction the chapel. This was expected to be completed on Tuesday, February 19.

“However, we have been listening to the concerns of the local community, and one of the issues which came through clearly was the concern that the building could be sold and then put to use in a way which not help the future regeneration of the village.

“To try to address this concern – but at the same time still secure a fair price for the building – we have asked the auctioneer to ask for proposed uses and best offers for the building by Thursday, February 21, instead of putting the building before a public auction.

“While we are not obliged to accept any of the offers we receive, this will allow us to consider a range of proposals for the use of the building and ensure that it achieves a fair price.

“This also allows us to work with the National Heritage Lottery fund, which co-funded some of the original repair works to Ebenezer Chapel, to see if they can help us to determine the most productive use for the building before deciding whether or not to accept any of the offers.”

The closing date for 2019 nursery school applications is February 22