The bronze statue of a Royal Welch Fusiliers Regimental Goat and Goat Major and memorial garden that’s been planned since 2017 will be unveiled at a public ceremony outside Hightown Barracks on Saturday 18 March between midday and 12.15 pm.

The sculpture is a life-size bronze statue of a Royal Welch Fusilier soldier with the iconic Regimental Goat at his side. This is surrounded by a memorial garden with seven arches incorporating slate plaques engraved with the Regimental Crest and Company Badges of the Regiment. The memorial will be lit up each night once installed.

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The statue was sculpted by Llandudno based sculptor Nick Elphick who will be present at the unveiling.

The event starts at 11.45am with the Corps of Drums marching from Hightown Resource Centre along the A525 to Hightown Barracks. Alongside the band will be the Goat Major and Regimental Goat, Shenkin, of the 3rd Battalion, The Royal Welsh. A fanfare by eight Royal Welsh bandsmen will also be sounded.

There’ll be music and song from the Froncysytlle Male Voice Choir who will end their session with the Men of Harlech. Pupils from Ysgol Bodhyfryd will be there to give a recital and participate in song , the Chair of Offa Community Council, Cllr Linda Subacchi, will recite Hedd Wynn, the war poet who joined the 15th Battalion, Royal Welsh Fusiliers in World War 1.

Following speeches the statue itself will be unveiled at approximately 12.15pm.

There will be a road closure between the former Travellers Rest public house and Hightown Barracks between 11am and 2pm.

Cllr Graham Rogers, Local Member, has actively fund-raised for this memorial along with Offa Community Council, he said, “I am so pleased to see this project come to fruition. It’s a fitting tribute to the Barracks, the soldiers who wore the regiments uniform with distinction, their families, and to the memory of many that were lost during the many conflicts the Royal Welch Fusiliers were involved with.

“I’d like to thank everyone who has worked with me on this and to everyone who has kindly donated to make it possible. Well done everyone.”

Clerk to Offa Community Council Karen Benfield said, “On behalf of Offa Community Council I would like to thank everyone who has donated and been involved in this project. It is going to be a wonderful landmark on one of the main routes into our City particularly at night when it will be floodlit.

“Particular thanks must go to Cllr Graham Rogers who has worked tirelessly to see this completed and also to Nick Elphick the Sculptor. He has taken this commission to heart and worked alongside the Regiment and Comrades to make sure that every tiny detail of the uniform and goats harness is correct. I have had a preview of the statue at the foundry and he has done us all proud. I am sure everyone will be thrilled when it is finally unveiled.”

Cllr Mark Pritchard, Leader of the Council, said, “It’s a striking sculpture, located one of the main gateways into the city, and one that will be appreciated by the local community and visitors to the area.

Armed Forces Champion, Cllr Beverley Parry Jones, said, “It will be a lasting reminder of the Royal Welch Fusiliers’ history here in Wrexham and the role they have played in conflicts across the globe where sadly many lost their lives.”

Major General Chris Barry, Colonel of the Regiment of The Royal Welsh said, “It is a huge privilege for the Regiment to have one of their antecedent Regiments honoured in this way. The Regiment is fiercely proud of its customs, traditions and history.

“This incredible statue captures the essence of what it is to be part of the Royal Welsh family. A Company, 3RD Battalion, The Royal Welsh, have recently been re-established at Hightown Barracks and this statue commemorates the long lineage of the Regiment here in Wrexham, from the opening of Hightown Barracks in 1877 through to the continued service of The Royal Welsh in the barracks today. We greatly value the special relationship between the people of Wrexham and the Regiment.”

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