Are you a Planning expert who leads by example? Take a look at this job…

At Wrexham Council, we’re looking for the right person to lead our team of Policy Planners…someone who will set the standard, but also nurture and develop our staff to reach their potential.

Interested? Read on…

We need an expert with bags of experience to be at the forefront of our service…someone to ensure that the council’s key priorities and vision shine through the department. A vital link in this process, if you will.

Are you a Planning expert who leads by example? Take a look at this job…

Still sounds like something you could do? Here’s some more info…

About the role

As our Head of Service for Planning Policy, you will be responsible for producing the Local Development Plan, as well as many other planning policies.

You will need to collaborate with other senior managers across the council, as well as partner organisations to deliver effective and efficient services.

Could you plan, develop and build a co-ordinated, efficient and robust range of service functions across the department?

Only someone with great leadership skills, clear direction and ample motivation could do this job effectively, but there’s plenty of reasons why this is the right place for that person to showcase their talent.

The rewards

Working in the public sector can actually be pretty rewarding.

Firstly, it definitely isn’t boring.

Councils are constantly having to get more savvy and innovative in how they deliver services, so you’ll get the opportunity to be creative and bring ideas to the table.

There’s also plenty of job satisfaction here as you will get to help the people in your team to develop and reach their potential.

Plus, you’ll get access to a good pension scheme, generous leave allowance, flexible working (great for balancing work and home life) and other employee benefits.

So, are you ready to join us?

To view the full job description and apply, visit our website.

The closing date is Sunday, 12 April.