Do you know the difference between pedestrian zone and an area where no vehicles are allowed?

Do you know what is meant by ‘loading and unloading’?

To make sure you don’t end up with a fine in the city centre, read on to find out where you can drive, and when.

Pedestrian zones are put in place to make it safer and more appealing for shoppers in the city centre. Pedestrianised areas also have lower air pollution, are quieter, and look nicer.

In Wrexham, we have three pedestrian zones – depending on where they are and the needs of residents and businesses based on the streets.

Pedestrian Zone A:

No access to motor vehicles except for buses/disabled blue badge holders/loading and unloading: before 11:30am and after 5pm Monday-Friday, before 9:30am and after 5pm Saturday and before 1pm and after 5pm on Sunday

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Where: Lambpit Street, Queen Street, Henblas Street, Hope Street, Chester Street

Pedestrian Zone B:

No access to all motor vehicles except for loading and unloading, hackney carriages and taxis.

Where: Rhosddu Road (by Army careers office) and Argyle Street

Pedestrian Zone C:

No access all motor vehicles except for disabled blue badge holders, loading and unloading.

Where: Charles Street

Prohibition of motor vehicle orders limit the types of vehicles and restrict the reasons they can access certain streets. The city centre has three areas where there are prohibition of motor vehicles in place (these are in place 24/7):

Prohibition of all motor vehicles A:

Except for buses, disabled blue badge holders, loading & unloading and access to the St Giles church.

Where: High street, Church Street and Upper Town Hill

Prohibition of all motor vehicles B:

Except for access, disabled blue badge holders, loading & unloading, buses and hackney carriages.

Where: King Street (from Regent Street junction to Lord Street junction) and Duke Street

Prohibition of all motor vehicles C:

Where: Egerton Street (from Rhosddu Road to junction with Lord Street)

Think you know what loading and unloading is?

Loading or unloading is when you are continuously moving goods between a vehicle and a property. Goods also should be either heavy or bulky to qualify for this exemption

To really know if you are unloading or loading and not risk a fine, this is what loading or unloading is NOT!

  • Parking up where your vehicle causes an obstruction
  • Staying put when you’ve been asked to move by a police officer or traffic enforcement officer
  • Leaving your vehicle while you are not loading or unloading – either having break or packing up or unpacking items within the property

What happens if you break the rules?

If you park a vehicle in a pedestrian zone when you shouldn’t, you can be issued with a penalty notice of £70 by the Council’s traffic enforcement officers.

Driving through a pedestrian zone when you shouldn’t could mean a fine from the police.

Its your responsibility as the vehicle driver to check the signs in place and know the rules of the road.

When it comes to the cost of living, making sure you claim all the help and support you’re entitled to could make a huge difference.