Be a Mighty Recycler this Christmas

Today (December 14) sees the re-launch of the Christmas variation of Wales Recycles’ Be Mighty, Recycle campaign and we want to play our part in Wrexham by recycling as much as we can all across the festive period.

Cllr David A Bithell, said: “Over Christmas, we create more waste than at other times throughout the year and it’s really important we don’t forget to recycle everything we can. Many of us will have more recycling than usual from spending extra time at home, plus there’s the packaging from the gifts we give and receive, so we need to make sure all these different things get recycled. Most of us are recycling as part of our everyday routine, so please keep up this good work throughout Christmastime.”

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Until January 6, we’ll be sharing recycling facts and tips on our social media platforms, so keep an eye out for those.

But to kick things off, here’s some information to help you Be Mighty this Xmas!

Follow these top tips to be a Mighty Recycler this Christmas:

• Eat, recycle, be merry. In Wrexham, we provide a weekly food waste recycling collection service. Please use it. You can recycle turkey bones, veg peelings and any leftovers from your Christmas dinner (that can’t be safely eaten later)! And keep recycling other waste over the Christmas period too, such as tea bags and coffee grounds, eggshells, peelings and cores from fruit, and stale bread.

• Conquer your card this Christmas. You can recycle all cardboard from online deliveries. Please remove all sticky tape first and flatten any boxes. And once Christmas is over, please recycle all your cards, just remove any bows and ribbons first, and any parts with glitter.

• Most plastic from around the home can be recycled; drinks bottles, cleaning products and toiletry bottles, such as shampoo and shower gel. Don’t forget to empty, crush and replace the lids before recycling. You can also recycle the big plastic tubs of chocolate and sweets we have around the house at Christmas!

• Don’t overlook foil this Christmas. Please recycle foil cases from mince pies and any clean or unstained foil used in your Christmas cooking. Please empty and rinse foil trays and containers before putting them out to be recycled.

• Metal drinks cans and food tins as well as empty aerosols, such as deodorant, shaving gel and hairspray, can all be recycled.

To learn more about the Mighty Mission and Wales Recycles’ ‘12 days of Christmas’ recycling facts and tips, visit, look out for the ads on TV, listen to the radio ad, and join the conversation on social media using the hashtag #BeMightyRecycle

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