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Could you be the next contributor to the Young Wrexham website? Wrexham Youth Service is looking for budding writers to create interesting content for their website.

If you think you could write relevant stories on topics that affect young people then this is the ideal opportunity!

Got something to say?

You too can write blog posts and see them published on the young Wrexham website. The website has a wide range of information and advice on issues that young people face on a daily basis.


The website covers topics such as:
– Drink, drugs and smoking
– Education
– Health and relationships
– Housing and accommodation
– Mental Health
– Money
– Travel
– Work and training
– Internet safety

Cllr Andrew Atkinson, Lead Member said, “The Young Wrexham website is a great resource for anyone aged 11-25. Not only is there a wealth of information on the site but young people are encouraged to upload and contribute content as well. I want to encourage all young people to take a look at the site and consider contributing content themselves.”

Want to become part of Young Wrexham?

If this sounds like something you or someone you know would be interested in then all you have to do is fill in and submit the form on the website

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