Our Audit Committee takes place today (22 February) and members will consider the work of the Council’s Internal and External Auditors and also the results of a survey of the Committee’s own effectiveness.

The Audit Committee is an open meeting and members of the public are encouraged to attend. It from 4.00 pm at the Guildhall.

One of the reports they’ll take a look at relates to Internal Audit work completed between December 2017 and January 2018. Internal Audit undertakes regular planned audits of the Council’s financial systems, key governance processes and services.


Jerry O’Keeffe, the Independent Lay Member who is the Chair of the Audit Committee, commented on the report: “Internal Audit provides the Audit Committee with independent assurance on the effectiveness of controls within services. Where this is found not to be the case, then the Audit Committee can – and does – take further action, such as calling senior officers and Councillors to offer explanations

The Audit Committee will also receive a report from the Auditor General for Wales, whose role includes examining how public bodies manage and spend public money to achieve value in the delivery of services. The report will update the Audit Committee on the extent to which the Auditor General’s findings from national performance studies have been incorporated into the Council’s local plans.

Mr O’Keeffe said “Where these national reports focus on areas that could be improved at Wrexham, then the Audit Committee will be looking to see that the Council has responded positively”.

The Audit Committee will also consider a report on the Committee’s own effectiveness, based on a recent survey of councillors and officers against recognised best practice. The Audit Committee has a key role in providing assurance to the Council, members of the public and external organisations on the effectiveness of the governance and financial control arrangements and that the annual financial statements represent fairly the Council’s financial position.

Mr O’Keeffe said “While it is encouraging that the survey again found the Audit Committee to generally be effective, we will consider carefully any possible improvements have been highlighted and will include them in the Audit Committee Development Programme as necessary. He added that attention will continue to be given to ensuring that the Audit Committee’s role is properly understood as distinct from the Council’s Scrutiny committees, whose role is to review/scrutinise any executive or non-executive function within their defined areas of responsibility.

Mr O’Keeffe also stressed the importance of ensuring that members of the public and any external organisations are aware that the Audit Committee’s meetings are open to anyone interested in attending.

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