City status

A summary of the independent work for city status outlining the key benefits of city status is being shared with Councillors, partners and residents in advance of the decision that will be taken by the Council in December.

The statement identifies 10 key benefits that Wrexham could capitalise on if it becomes a city, including:

  1. Increased sense of local pride.
  2. A platform to promote Wrexham.
  3. Opportunities for local institutions and businesses to raise their profile and attract investment. e.g. University
  4. More potential to attract skilled and ambitious students, employees and investors to Wrexham. e.g. Hospital
  5. Opportunities for the community, infrastructure, and services to grow and develop more sustainably.
  6. A focus for future branding and marketing campaigns.
  7. Greater awareness of Wrexham’s history, culture and language – attracting more visitors and supporting the local economy.
  8. More potential to attract major projects.
  9. The ability to collaborate with Welsh and UK cities on specific city projects and initiatives.
  10. Increased expectations of ‘place making’ that in turn create more vibrant places to live, work and invest.

The statement has been published ahead of a key decision by Wrexham Council’s Executive Board on whether to submit a bid for city status and was part of the decision agreed at Council to promote the benefits as widely as possible.

You can read the full statement on Wrexham Council’s website.

Councillor Mark Pritchard, Leader of Wrexham Council, says:

“The statement has been written by the experts appointed to look at city status as part of a wider piece of place shaping work and summarises the key benefits from their research. This statement provides all of us in Wrexham with a really valuable insight and short summary into the key benefits of becoming a city.”

Councillor David A Bithell, Deputy Leader of Wrexham Council, adds:

“The report makes it clear that city status would be part of a bigger place shaping picture, and one of many tools that will help strengthen community well-being, identity and pride in Wrexham.”