Keep Wales safe this Christmas

Changes in regulations

From December 20 – ‘work from home’ message strengthened

As you’re probably aware, the Covid-19 legal regulations in Wales have been amended.

It’s now a legal requirement that:

“From December 20 people must work from home where it is reasonably practicable for them to do so.”

So in other words, you must work from home if you can, and your employer should encourage you to do this.

From December 27

From December 27, nightclubs in Wales will close.

A two-metre social distancing rule will also come into force in offices, and there will be extra measures to protect customers and staff.

Read more on the Welsh Government website.

Staying safe at Christmas

The Welsh Government has shared strong advice on how to stay safe over the festive season, and says “a smaller Christmas is a safer Christmas.”

The advice includes:

  • Get vaccinated and make getting your booster jab a priority.
  • If you’re going out, going Christmas shopping or visiting people, “flow before you go.” Take a lateral flow test. If it’s positive, don’t go out.
  • Meeting outdoors is better than indoors. If you’re meeting indoors make sure it’s well ventilated.
  • Space-out any socialising, and please leave at least a day between events.
  • Don’t forget about social distancing, wearing a face covering and washing your hands.

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