Did you know that all reception class pupils in Wrexham primary schools are able to have a free school meal each day?

Called ‘Universal Free School Meals’, this scheme was rolled out to all reception-aged learners in Wales in September and will be available to all primary school children over the next 12-18 months.

Help with the cost of living – claim what’s yours, reduce your bills, look after your health.

If your child is in reception this school year and you would like them to have their free meal in school, all you need to do is use the Parent Pay website to book your child’s meal (letting your child’s school know if they want a meal means they can reduce the amount of wasted food). You can find out more about registering with Parent Pay in this article: Child starting school? You’ll need a Parent Pay account

Has your situation changed?

If your financial situation has changed this year, there may be extra financial help in addition to the free school meal.

This could be help with school uniform and equipment costs through the Pupil Development Grant (PDG), music lessons, school trips and financial help through the school holidays (until the end of March 2023).

We urge you to complete the Free School Meals form on our website in case you are able to access further help for your child.

When it comes to the cost of living, making sure you claim all the help and support you’re entitled to could make a huge difference.