Foster Carers

This morning Wrexham Council’s Executive Board approved substantial changes to the financial support package offered to local authority foster carers.

Foster Wales Wrexham is part of a network of 22 not-for-profit Local Authority fostering services, using a collaborative approach to shape the future of children in Wales.

We’re dedicated to working as one team, relying on each other to actively improve the future for all local children in the Wrexham area.

Our new financial support package is below:

Allowance awarded to all foster carers per child, per week in Wrexham will be:

  • Children aged 0-4 = £215 (rising from £200)
  • Children aged 5-10 years old – £230 (rising from £183)
  • Children aged 11-15 years old = £245 (rising from £183)
  • Children and young people aged 16+ = £255 (rising from £228)
  • When I’m ready foster carers = £240 (rising from £189)
  • Mother & Baby foster carers = £695 (rising from £428)

This increase will take effect from 1st February 2023 and applies to those who are currently Connected (Kinship) Foster Carers, Local Authority Foster Carers, Local Authority Therapeutic Foster Carers, When I am Ready Foster Carers and Special Guardianship Carers.

Intermediate professional foster carers who have undertaken additional specialised training will receive an additional £190 per child, per week. Experienced specialist professional foster carers who can offer placements for children and young people with complex needs will receive an additional £290 per child, per week.

Alwyn Jones, Chief Officer for Social Care said:

“There are children of all ages across Wrexham who need us, and as a reliable and trusted foster carer, they need you too. From babies, toddlers and teenagers, to siblings and young parents, each of them have a unique story to share. Our mission here at Foster Wales Wrexham is the same; to create a better future for every single child in our care”.

“Foster Wales Wrexham have made these changes as we have listened to our foster carers concerns about increased costs. The increase will be in addition to our current benefits including a 75% reduction in council tax, additional grants for birthdays and festivals. The council hope this offer will encourage more people to foster with Foster Wales Wrexham and help keep children in their local community, close to schools, friends and support networks.”

Other incentives include:

A 75% Reduction on Council Tax for all approved foster carers

A school uniform allowance of £180 for primary school age children and £280 for secondary school age children. This will be paid in August prior to the start of the new school year.

A Referral Payment for foster carers who refer potential carers of £500 for every successful approved applicant.

An Annual Payment in year 1 of £100, year 3 £300 year 5 £500 and for year 10 £500 plus an accolade in recognition of their long term service.

A Training Payment to foster carers who are able to deliver training programmes would receive £50 per half day of training delivered. The carer would need to evidence their professional capability to provide this training.

Cllr Rob Walsh, Lead Member for Children’s Services, said,

“I was very pleased to present the report and that members agreed it is time for change within our foster care system.

“Being a foster carer can be really rewarding and supports the future generations of Wrexham Children. Our new offer values those foster carers, the crucial role they play in improving young people’s lives, and will help us care for the children of Wrexham as close to home as possible”

“By substantially increasing the payments to foster carers it is hoped to bring more into the local authority which will substantially reduce our reliance on the Independent Fostering sector.

“The rise in payments means that Wrexham are leading the way in terms of reforming fostering payments and recognising the fantastic work our foster carers do. I would encourage anyone interested in becoming a foster carer to get in touch with Foster Wales Wrexham.”

Head of Foster Wales, Alastair Cope, said,

“The recent agreement by Wrexham Council to increase their foster care allowances shows their commitment towards recruiting and retaining foster carers and ensuring those foster carers are recognised for the fantastic work they do with our children.

“Foster Wales are actively working towards consistency of support and rewards for all our foster carers and this decision shows local authorities’ willingness to continually improve their offer to foster carers and encourage people to foster, through their local authority, in order to build better futures for local children.”

If you’re interested in learning more about foster care, contact Foster Wales Wrexham and ask to speak to one of our Recruitment Officers: 01978 295 316 or email for further details.

Please see below a worked example for your information:

A carer who meets the criteria for the Professional Intermediate Skills payment and has two children placed with them aged 10 years and 14 years. The carer would receive:

  • Basic payment for a 10 year old per week =£230
  • Basic payment for a 14 year old per week =£245
  • Intermediate skill payment = £190 per week x2 = £380 per week
  • Total Payment- £855 per week

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