During adverse weather such as what we are experiencing this week we have a statutory duty to keep roads safe and in order to do so we have to prioritise certain operations and routes utilising all available resources.

Our first priority is the most heavily trafficked routes and those surrounding important areas such as hospitals and Wrexham Industrial Estate. These areas will be pre-salted and may need re-visiting several times a day depending on the weather.

This week’s weather has meant that the majority of the time we have only been able to work on our first priority routes.

Once works on our first priority routes have been completed our teams are then able to work on other lesser priority problem areas such as footways and cycle routes. Our teams will then return to the priority 1 routes as and when required for pre-salting and gritting.

This continuous cycle of winter treatment continues until freezing conditions are forecast to relent.

Cllr Hugh Jones, Lead Member for Environment said: With cold and freezing temperatures remaining over the next few days our gritting crews will be extremely busy, however some footways, estates and side roads are still extremely difficult to negotiate we ask that everyone remains vigilant and takes every precaution with their travel plans