home schooling

It’s another week of home schooling and we’ve brought together some tips below for you and your child to help you through the week.

Ian Roberts, Chief Education and Early Intervention Officer, said: “It’s important both you and your child stay healthy and look after your emotional and mental well-being during this difficult time. We know you are all doing a great job of home schooling so keep it up but please don’t put yourself under any undue pressure.  Thank you all for supporting your children in their learning during this difficult period.”


Cllr Phil Wynn, Lead Member for Education, said: “Thank you everyone for doing a fantastic job home schooling your children. We recognise it’s not easy and want you to know how much we appreciate everything you are doing to keep your child healthy and entertained during this lockdown period. Please remember, it’s not about keeping to the school routine so don’t feel that you have to do a 9am – 3pm session with your child, take a break and enjoy plenty of non-academic activities with your child.”

Eisteddfod yr Urdd

You still have time to enter this years competitions! Find out more here.

Bitesize sessions for Welsh as a second language

BBC Bitesize has a range of sessions on Welsh language skills,that include speaking, listening, reading and writing, from Foundation Phase upt o GCSE level

Free Online Courses to North Wales Residents

Public Health Wales / BCHB are delighted to announce that staff and parents can now access an innovative ONLINE course about children, worth £39, completely free of charge.

Understanding Your Child is put together by the Solihull Approach, an accredited, evidence based approach established 20 years ago by psychologists, health visitors and other
health professionals.

The course usually costs £39 per person. However using the Access Code: NWSOL (valid until November 2022) at www.inourplace.co.uk you can register for your own account and revisit the course indefinitely without paying a penny.

Understanding Your Child is for parents, carers, and professionals caring for children aged 0-18 years. It looks at brain development, play, styles of parenting, sleep, temper tantrums, communication and more and is based on the nationally and internationally acclaimed face to face course offered by the Solihull Approach.

There are 9-11 modules each taking around 20 minutes (the main screens have optional audio voice-overs) as well as interactive activities, quizzes, video clips and practical handouts.

Early Bilingualism for those considering Welsh Language education

If you’re planning on a Welsh education for your child then Cymraeg I Blant Wrecsam have some very useful advice on the advantages of early bilingualism for you:

  • Most children across the world speak two languages and therefore the sooner the child hears Welsh the better
  • Every child in Wales has the right to speak Welsh and to be able to take advantage of the benefits of being bilingual through Welsh medium education
  • The Welsh language is less likely to be transmitted to children where only one parent speaks Welsh. Only 45% in this group will transmit the language to their children.
  • The transmission of Welsh from parent to child is fundamental to the longevity of the Welsh language.

A range of free resources and story time videos are also available: Follow them on Facebook

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