This note provides an update on the information posted on this blog on Thursday (7.5.20).

Key messages for today

  • The message in Wales hasn’t changed – stay at home, save lives, protect the NHS.
  • Although you can now go out to exercise more than once a day, you should still only exercise locally. Please don’t drive to our parks.
  • Along with other councils in Wales, we’re carefully assessing new government guidance on reopening household waste recycling centres and libraries.
  • If you park your car on the street, please make sure our bin wagons can get past.
Ian Bancroft – Chief Executive
Mark Pritchard – Leader of the Council

The advice remains clear in Wales – stay at home

For the moment, the message in Wales hasn’t changed – stay at home, save lives, protect the NHS.

On Friday, Welsh Government announced the ‘stay at home’ message would remain in force in Wales for at least another three weeks.

The UK Government shared a slightly different message yesterday – ‘stay alert’ – with people allowed to drive to other places to go for a walk, for example. But this will only apply in England.

So please…continue to stick to social distancing, only make essential journeys for food etc, and exercise locally.

Although you can now leave home to exercise more than once a day, Welsh Government has made it clear that people should continue to exercise in their local area.

So please don’t be tempted to jump in a car and drive to one of our parks. It’s still not ok to do that.

Stay at home. Save lives.

Bins and recycling

Household waste recycling centres

On Friday, Welsh Government announced that councils can begin planning to re-open household waste recycling sites.

We’re carefully assessing the new guidance and – along with other councils in Wales – will be looking at how to manage staffing levels and health and safety compliance, before confirming when and how our sites in Wrexham will reopen.

We’ll update you as soon as we know more.

Please park carefully

No-one wants to be the cause of their entire street not having their bins emptied, so please…if you park your car on the road, make sure there’s enough room for our bin wagons to get past.

Read the article we posted recently.



Welsh Government also announced on Friday that councils can start to consider whether to reopen libraries.

Again, we’re looking carefully at the new guidelines, before deciding how to move forward in Wrexham.

We’ll keep you updated.

Construction work on council properties

You might see contractors carrying out construction work on some of our council buildings over the next few weeks – including schools.

The Government has indicated that construction work can take place if sensible precautions are taken.

We’ll be asking our contractors to follow stringent health and safety procedures while working on our properties.

Reminder – reliable sources of information about Covid-19

Latest information on the virus and what people should do about it is provided by:

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Covid-19 (Novel Coronavirus) – public briefing note 7.5.20