Report easily online

For most of us getting our bins emptied happens fairly smoothly, but there are odd occasions when, despite the best intentions, some properties have missed out on a collection.

When this happens, did you know you can let us know quickly (and easily) by filling out our ‘report a missed waste collection’ form?

There’s just some short, straightforward questions we need you to answer to bring us up to speed on the situation, and within a few clicks you will have reported your missed collection.

Missed bin collection? Let us know.

Before you send your report, there are a few things you might want to consider first.

Some things to bear in mind…

  • Please be aware you can only report your last collection as missed as we do not accept reports further back than a week as collections alternate every two weeks.
  • Is it after 1.00pm? If it’s your collection day, please wait until after 1.00pm before reporting a missed collection as the crew may still empty the bin on that day.
  • Was it your recycling that got missed? The recycling collections are a weekly service, so it may be easier to wait until your next scheduled collection. Running out of room in your recycling boxes? You can order extra recycling boxes for free online.
  • Were your bins out for 7.30am? The crews start their work bright and early, so if you didn’t have your bins out ready to be collected in time we will have already been to your street and you will have missed out. Even if you think your collection doesn’t usually come until later in the day, our routes will often vary and change over the course of the day, depending on the conditions we encounter.
  • Were there any access issues? Please try to take extra care when parking your vehicles on your collection day. We understand that not everyone has a drive or a garage, and these people rely on street parking. But if you know that your bins are going to be collected, please have a look at your street to check there’s enough room for our large vehicles to safely perform their duties.

Reporting online

It’s not just missed bin collections – there’s a whole host of other things which you can report to us online!

Fly-tipping, potholes, graffiti, tree problems and housing repair are just some of the things that can be reported online. Have a look and see what else you can report.

Missed bin collection? Let us know quickly and easily online.