Road Network

As we all know, we are experiencing a cold snap and this is likely to continue at least until the weekend. Despite significant and constant work on our network, road conditions continue to be treacherous in places.

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This is a consequence of the time of year with any sunshine being very weak and the combination of frozen road surfaces and lots of water about, which results in roads being very slippery even when they appear to be clear of snow.

All gritting crews and wagons have been out consistently since early on 14 January.  We have a Duty Engineer dedicated to monitoring the weather situation 24/7 and have more than sufficient salt stocks and staff resources to respond.

After a difficult morning that saw difficult road conditions even on those treated surfaces worked on consistently for a number of days.  Unfortunately, we have had a number of incidents on our network and we urge all travellers to think carefully about their need to travel and drive and walk with the utmost care, mindful of conditions.

In this latest cold spell approximately 650 tonnes of salt has been spread on our roads and this will continue for as long as necessary.  There’s a plentiful stock of salt in our three depots and this is monitored and managed carefully throughout the season.

Please take care and keep safe!

Some top tips for your safety during the winter months:

  • Think carefully about your need to travel in poor conditions
  • Allow additional time for winter journeys.
  • Plan routes along main roads where possible, as these are more likely to be treated.
  • Allow time ahead of your journey for de-icing your car (air conditioning will clear your screen faster too)
  • Carry some additional warm clothing and a torch in your car.
  • Don’t let your fuel run too low.
  • Check the weather forecast before starting your journey, and if hazards are predicted, consider whether your journey is necessary.

Councillor Hugh Jones, Lead Member for the Environment said, “I reiterate the need to think about journeys carefully, and can confirm officers and teams are doing everything they can to keep our transport network safe”

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