Chestnuts Food Waste Recycling

A few months ago, WRAP said, “2018 was the year Britain woke up to recycling, 2019 is the year we’re taking action”.

As we’re striving to get better with our recycling, it’s important to remember that recycling our food waste is something that makes a massive difference in Wrexham.

And at Christmas, lots of us will be dealing with a greater quantity of food than at any other time of the year.

Taking action

If we can all step up our game and make sure that all our leftovers get recycled this Christmas, we’ll definitely be ‘taking action’ and doing our bit for Wrexham.

Last month we recycled over 195 tonnes of food waste in our caddies and we’re doing better than last year, but there’s still plenty of room for improvement.

Sadly, a number of us are still putting our leftover food into our general waste despite us supplying free caddies and free caddy liners.

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So it’s probably a good time to remind ourselves what can be recycled in our food caddy yeah? Agreed? Alright then, lets run through the things your food caddy will love this Christmas 🙂

Turkey bones

Not just turkey bones either, all meat bones and carcasses can be recycled as food waste…and remember, your food caddy gets emptied every week, but your general waste doesn’t. So if you don’t recycle these things they’ll sit, rotting in your bin for a couple of weeks. No one wants a stinky bin…especially at Christmas.

Got some leftover turkey or other meats? You could try cooking with your leftovers…think risottos, curries, soups and stews. Need some inspiration? The Love Food Hate Waste website has some great recipe ideas!

You can recycle cooked meat in your caddy, but please try to avoid waste caused through overbuying.


Raw food, mouldy foods and plate scrapings

Try as we might, there might sometimes be that one item that gets stuck at the back of the fridge and goes past the use by date.

When this happens, we should always look to our food caddy. If it’s a raw meat, it can go in your caddy. If it’s something that’s gone mouldy it can go in your caddy too. We know we’re repeating ourselves, but your caddy gets emptied every week…stinky bin…you get the picture.

Another good habit to get into all year round is scraping your plate into your food caddy if you have any leftovers.

And don’t forget, if you’re running low on caddy liners you can just tie an empty one to your caddy handle on your collection day and we’ll leave you a new roll 🙂

Shells, peelings and cores

Shells can be recycled as food waste. So if you enjoy chestnuts or any nuts at Christmas, be sure to recycle the shells in your caddy. Other less festive shells, like eggshells can be recycled too 😉

All vegetable peelings, and fruit peelings, can be recycled along with apple cores. Any uneaten fruit and veg can be recycled as well, sprouts and all.

Fast food

Perhaps there’ll be the odd day over Christmas where nobody feels like cooking. On these days you might order takeaway food, but keep in mind that things like uneaten chips and leftover pizza can still be recycled.

All the other stuff

There’s also all the other stuff you shouldn’t forget about that can go in your food caddy, like:

• Tea bags
• Coffee granules
• Shellfish
• Uneaten ready meals
• Wooden cutlery

Right, now we’ve got all the info…so let’s all play our part and take action this Christmas 🙂

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