WATCH: How are we helping young people in Wrexham?

The Youth Homeless Prevention team in Wrexham aims to reduce the number of young people aged between 11-25 who are at risk of becoming homeless.

The team offers support to young people who are experiencing problems with where they are staying, disagreements within families or relationships, tensions within the home, drug and alcohol use or staying at a friend’s home.

The team can help by supporting them to overcome these issues as well as link them to specialist services.


The support is aimed at people before they get into crisis with the goal being to reduce the number of young people who become homeless. Focusing on young people who are at high risk of homelessness and working with them to stay within the family home or network if it is safe to do so.

What can put young people at risk of becoming homeless?

  • Not attending school, or being excluded
  • Involvement in the criminal justice system
  • Running away or not going home at night
  • Substance misuse

What you can expect from the team:

  • Support and advice to enable informed decision making about lifestyle choices
  • Factual and relevant information
  • Meetings at places that suit the young person
  • To be listened to

Lucy Easton, Coordinator for the Youth Homeless Prevention Service said, “This service is vital to so many young people in Wrexham.  It helps to reduce the number of young people who become homeless and aims to target the cause of the issues before they escalate further. Any young person between the ages of 11-25 can come to us for help and support or they can be referred by a teacher or other professional on their behalf.”

If you are unsure if the team can help, then feel free to contact someone from the team:

The Vic, 13 Hill Street, Wrexham, LL111SN / 01978317955

There is also a worker based at the Info Shop 4 days a week who can support you.

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