Loading boxes

Loading (or unloading) is when you are continuously moving goods between a vehicle and a property. Goods also should be either heavy or bulky to qualify for this exemption

To make sure you really know if you are loading or unloading – and avoid a fine – here’s a rundown of what loading or unloading is NOT!

  • Parking up where your vehicle causes an obstruction
  • Staying put when you’ve been asked to move by a police officer or traffic enforcement officer
  • Leaving your vehicle while you are not loading or unloading – either having break or packing up or unpacking items within the property

What happens if you break the rules?

If you park a vehicle in a pedestrian zone when you shouldn’t, you can be issued with a penalty notice of £70 by the council’s traffic enforcement officers.

It’s your responsibility as the vehicle driver to check the signs in place and know the rules of the road.

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