High Street

We are looking at carrying out consultation on our city centre Public Space Protection Order (PSPO).

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The PSPO allows us to carry out enforcement across a defined area in the city centre on certain anti-social behaviours or activities.This includes things like use of drugs and alcohol; public urinating or defecating; intimidating and other Anti-Social Behaviours.

We propose to make another PSPO, and want your thoughts on the proposed conditions within it.

Not just about enforcement alone

PSPOs were first introduced in Wrexham in 2017. They are an important tool in dealing with anti-social issues, however these issues cannot be solved by enforcement alone – most of them require a multi-agency response, where we work with partners to provide help to those people who need it.

Partnership work, including through the work of the Community Safety Partnership, have seen many successful outcomes over the past few years.

We want to make sure that everyone feels safe in Wrexham city centre, and that the area is free from anti-social behaviour – whilst striking a balance between making sure enforcement powers are in place, and providing support to vulnerable individuals when help is needed.

The PSPO is part of that response, so it’s important to make sure to have your say.

Lead member for Partnerships and Community Safety Cllr Paul Robers said: “We are really keen on hearing your views whether you live, work, or visit Wrexham City Centre as your opinion matters.

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