This week is Youth Work Week and throughout the week we will be publishing articles about the different areas of youth work the council provides and supports.

This first article is focusing on the Senedd Yr Ifanc (Wrexham Youth Parliament).

So, what’s the aim of Senedd Yr Ifanc?

Senedd Yr Ifanc works hard to tackle the issues that are important to people aged 11-25. The aim is to give young people a place at the debating table when it comes to the big changes that could affect the rest of their lives.


When do they meet?

The Senedd meets every last Monday of the month in Wrexham Guildhall. The meetings are structured with formal and informal sections. During a Senedd meeting professionals will come to speak to the Senedd to gather the views and opinions of specific issues. Senedd meetings can also include debates, issue based work groups, training, consultations and much more.

How do I become a representative?

Any young person can become a representative of the Senedd.  They will be responsible for ensuring that the views of other young people from their group, forum, school etc. are considered in matters affecting young people across the county. As a representative, they are also responsible for feeding any information, answers and updates from the Senedd back to youth groups, forum, school etc.

The Senedd gives young people the chance to have their say and a voice on matters that affect them.

For more information about Senedd Yr Ifanc and how to raise issues and how to become a member visit Young Wrexham.

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