Monday mornings just wouldn’t be the same without our Monday Market.

The buzz, the banter (or bantz!), the genuine street-market atmosphere. It’s great.

The market takes place on Queens Square every (you guessed it) Monday. And just in case you’ve forgotten how good it is, here’s a list of things we love about the whole affair.

1. The fresh produce

Market traders generally don’t have access to the kind of technology that supermarkets can use to preserve food before it hits the shelves.

That’s a good thing. It means the produce you buy from a market trader is virtually guaranteed to be fresh.

2. The friendliness and community spirit

Markets are always really sociable places, full of chatter and fun.

Wrexham’s Monday Market is a diverse community of people that gather on a weekly basis, so it’s a great place to meet people.

Whether it be the customers or the stall owners, you’re bound to bump into someone interesting.


3. The bargains

Need a new wallet? After some CDs for your car? Need some plants for the garden or some pork chops for tea?

Why pay store prices when you can often get the same thing for a better price at the market?

4. A cure for the Monday blues

Let’s be honest. Nobody likes Mondays.

So cheer yourself up by treating yourself to a quirky something from the market.

5. It’s expanding

That’s right! The Monday Market is getting bigger and better – so there’s always something new to see.

Maybe you’d like to run a market stall and want to be part of this expansion?

Get in touch by email or call us on 01978 297050.