We’re taking a new approach to make sure children’s views in Wrexham are heard by launching a comment, compliment and complaints procedure just for them.

It’s all part of taking a children’s rights approach that recognises, respects and promotes the rights of children and young people. It recognises the importance of empowering children and young people and supporting them to have their views placed at the centre of policy and practice.


As part of this, we considered how effectively we receive and respond to complaints made by children and young people. Complaints can often lead to changes in organisations. But the processes can be difficult or confusing to navigate so we’ve now changed the process for young people which we hope will encourage more of them to make their views known to us.

“Children have a right to be heard”

Cllr Bill Baldwin, Lead Member for Children’s Services, said: “Children have a right to be heard and this is a very important step forward to make sure that young people in Wrexham are heard – whether it’s to complain or compliment – their views are welcome and will help us to improve children’s services.”

Ian said: ‘I am very pleased that we have introduced this easy to use complaints or compliments form for young people. Their views and input are very important to us and it helps us to ensure we provide the right services to meet their needs to ensure they reach their full potential.”

The new Comment, Compliment and Complaints form will be available at Contact Wrecsam and the Info Shop or for download at wrexham.gov.uk/ccc

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