“I have never had anyone say how amazing I am, and to have someone have so much faith in me is just something I have never had before.”

A programme of confidence-building and wellbeing activities for young people has been running this summer and has met with positive feedback.

The ADTRAC team have been encouraging participants involved in the project to get out and meet new people by taking part in drop-in sessions, confidence-building sessions and day trips. Those involved have been building their resilience whilst developing new skills within a supportive environment.

This team works with young people aged 16-24 years who are experience barriers that prevent them from progressing into either education, employment or training. The team works to remove those barriers.

Life Skills

The fun activities have been aimed at increasing motivation whilst developing time-keeping, team-work, communication and other essential life skills. The group have taken part in mindfulness and meditation sessions as well as bush-craft and survival skills run by Wild Elements. Activities have enabled the young people to practise following instructions and safety measures with the ADTRAC participants making their own bird boxes using tools.


The ADTRAC team have also organised days out to Erddig, Loggerheads and Talacre Beach to help participants build positive relationships and work as part of a team. Other activities have included photography, mask-making and rounders in the park. Feedback from the summer sessions has been very positive with the young people enjoying learning skills whilst being in the outdoors. One of the young people recently said:

“I have been working with ADTRAC a number of months now and I haven’t looked back! I have been able to meet new people through a volunteering course, confidence building day, Loggerheads and the Talacre beach trip. My mentor has always made me feel so special and good about myself. I have never had anyone say how amazing I am and to have someone have so much faith in me is just something I have never had before. I always end up smiling when I speak to her and see her.”

The ADTRAC project, which is part-funded by the European Social Fund through the Welsh Government, aims to provide one-to-one bespoke support from ADTRAC personal mentors or NHS mental health practitioners as well as tailored training and courses designed to meet the specific needs and improve the wellbeing of young people aged 16-24 engaged in the project.

Get in touch with the ADTRAC team for Wrexham and Flintshire at ADTRAC@wrexham.gov.uk or see https://www.gllm.ac.uk/adtrac for further details about the project.

Training Providers are also able to find out more about the ADTRAC Project Dynamic Purchasing System to deliver a wide range of services such as life skills, employability and sector specific skills at https://www.sell2wales.gov.wales/authority/authority_noticestatus.aspx?ID=75350

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