Blue Badge

Using a Blue Badge fraudulently has proved costly for one local man.

Wrexham Magistrates recently found Andrew Burrows guilty of charges and fined him £100 with £217 costs and a Victim Surcharge of £34. He was also given a 6 month Conditional Discharge.

Mr Burrows was using a valid Blue Badge to park in Wrexham town centre but the card holder was not in the car at the time.

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It’s important to remember that the Blue Badge is for use by the holder alone and should not be used by family or friends to make parking more convenient for them, even if they are doing things to help them such as picking up a prescription or shopping.

Blue Badges are issued to people with visible and non-visible disabilities to allow them to access goods and services by parking closer to their destination.

Blue Badges should be treated with respect

Cllr Mark Pritchard, Leader of the Council, said, “Blue Badges are issued to help people with genuine disabilities to help them as they go about their daily business.

“They are not to be used by able bodied people to park in places meant for disabled users. To do so means a genuinely disabled person may not be able to park close to the service they require.

“Blue Badges and those who are issued with them should be treated with respect and on this occasion this offender was caught and dealt with according to the law.

“This prosecution sends a clear signal that using one for personal gain can result in a court appearance and a fine.

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