“We leave our label at the door. It’s about what we can do, NOT about what we can’t.”

This is the mantra of SWS (Standards of Wrexham’s Services), a group of residents who have been referred to, and work with, Wrexham Council’s adult social care department.

SWS wants to improve the lives of those living with disabilities in Wrexham and there are lots of projects that they are working on to make lives easier.


Although the group is made up of people referred by adult social care, the work they do is for everyone in Wrexham. One project that they have been working on is The Friendship Hub. This is a Facebook page that anyone can access and is filled with activities and ideas for people with disabilities and their supporters. It has been developed after many people said that other sites offering this service were difficult to use, particularly among those who couldn’t read and/or were not computer literate. This page is easy to use and should mean that everyone is able to access the information.

SWS has also looked at getting more places in Wrexham into Euan’s guide. This is an online guide that looks at accessibility in places like pubs, cinemas, shops, walks and banks so that those with disabilities can approach them with confidence. They will also work with the venues themselves to improve things wherever possible.

The group are also making a film with the Iris Film Project in Cardiff about acceptance of sexuality and disability – particularly what it is is to be Gay, LBGTQAI and disabled.

And, if this group wasn’t busy enough, they have also set up My Staff, My Say. This gives people who receive help from social services to interview those people who will be helping them, this is a really good way to ensure compatibility between the person and their carer.

Nicole Mitchell-Meredith, who works with the group on behalf of Wrexham Council, said: “I support SWS by giving support to that this group of people feel is lacking. It is led by them rather than Wrexham Council and is an opportunity for them to support others to make social connections and to make a difference to the people of Wrexham.”

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