Wrexham Council News

Safety. Cyber security. Fraud. Extreme weather. Costs. Resources. And a thousand other things.

Like any large organisation, Wrexham Council faces a great many risks – which we need to manage.

Because if some things go pear-shaped, they can have a big impact on our services…and on people who use them.

So we need to make sure we know what the main risks are, and that we’re doing enough to prevent or minimise their impact.

Up for discussion September 24

Our Audit Committee will meet on Tuesday, September 24 to look at the council’s major risks, what we’re doing to manage them, and how well.

Jerry O’Keeffe chairs the committee. He isn’t a councillor or an employee, but an independent member of the public.

He says: “Councils are complex bodies. They provide services that affect us all and which we rely on.

“The council needs to know its risks and focus on the more important ones, making sure that the right controls are in place.”

The Audit Committee will also be looking at the work being carried out by the council’s auditors.

Mr O’Keeffe added: “It’s also essential there is effective auditing to ensure the controls are working and are strong enough.”

Come to the meeting

The meetings are open to the public, so why not go along if you get the chance?

Mr O’Keeffe says: “The committee looks at serious matters, but the meetings aren’t scary or stuffy. We welcome members of the public attending.”

Interested? The meeting takes place this Tuesday, September 24 at the Guildhall in Wrexham, starting at 4pm.

View the agenda on the council’s website.