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As we all get used to different ways of working and living and less close social contact with our family, neighbours and friends we’re asking you all to be extra vigilant about scams.

They can come in many forms, via email, text, telephone, a knock on your door. They will all have one thing in common – they’re asking for your money either by taking bank details or even your cash.


Please, before you take any action, however tempting it may seem, ask yourself “is this a scam?”

Have you ever heard from this individual, company or seemingly legitimate source before?

Please only deal with the companies you have dealt with before and don’t respond to anyone who is offering COVID-19 related, or any other services unsolicited, whether it be via email, telephone call or a knock on the door.

If you are in doubt, call your family, friends or neighbours and ask their advice.

Is this a scam?

Never disclose your personal details and never give bank or payment card details if you’re uncertain. And please remember, particularly during these difficult times, that we’re all targets for scammers in one form or another so please take extra care and ask yourself “is this a scam?”

The Citizen’s Advice Consumer Service has updated their scam awareness pages with COVID-19 scam advice. You can check if something might be a scam or what to do if you, or someone you know, has been scammed. The link to the page is

If you’d like advice about scams or if you need to report a scam, please contact the Citizen’s Advice Consumer Service on 0808 223 1133. They’ll also be happy to provide general consumer advice.

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