Following numerous planning meetings in Wrexham to deal with the Coronavirus epidemic and the pressures across Health, Social care and the community AVOW (Association of Voluntary Organisations in Wrexham) is looking to mobilise 100s of volunteers to support staff delivering front line service and community befriending.

If the predicted rise in cases and people having to self-isolate becomes reality in the next few weeks many support services will be under considerable pressure to carry on operating as staff are affected.


People wanting to help are being urged to register on the special portal where their details will be held until potential opportunities arise in their area.

Link to sign up

John Gallanders, Chief Officer of AVOW said “It is vitally important that anyone wishing to volunteer does not turn up at a Doctors , health facility, Social Care location or any other establishment as people need to realise that help may be needed but having the right people at the right times needs to be controlled to be effective. The systems in place are to help volunteers and those locations needing assistance.”

“Fully support this move”

Cllr Mark Pritchard, Leader of Wrexham Council, said: “During these unprecedented times it is essential that all agencies work together for the good of our community. I fully support this move by AVOW and would like to thank them and all our partners and volunteers for their ongoing support and commitment to the health and well-being of our community here in Wrexham.

There will be roles that include drivers; dog walkers; childcare; admin/office; cooking; befrienders; delivery drivers; shoppers; visitors to check on neighbours- a variety of others will be developed to meet the demand from services.

Service providers who may require volunteers to assist their operation should contact AVOW to register the opportunity details to enable the matching of volunteers.

Check if people have food and other essentials

In addition to structured volunteering people are being urged to be good neighbours by checking on people locally who may be lonely and isolated who have reduced care and support due to services not being able to be provided. Neighbours are especially asked to check if people have food and other essentials. It is best if contact is made as soon as possible and not wait until a crisis is with us.

First and foremost though, everyone should take all the precautions issued by Public Health Wales when visiting people to reduce the risk for the person visiting and the person in their home.

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