Be fearless in the face of food waste… Be Mighty. Recycle.

Recycle Week 2020 is here and in Wales we’re being asked to Be Mighty. Recycle.

Recycling food waste will play a big part in this, and for us to be fearless in the face of food waste, we will all need to take some time to understand everything we can recycle in our food caddies.

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Most of us are recycling leftovers…but we can improve

Most of us are now recycling our leftovers in our food caddies and we’re making steady progress in Wrexham. Last year we collected 2,540 tonnes of food waste, which sounds like a lot. However, we know that there are people in Wrexham who continue to put leftovers in their general waste, so there’s still plenty of room for improvement.

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Cllr David A Bithell, Deputy Leader of the Council and Lead Member for Environment and Transport, said: “Unfortunately in Wrexham there are a number of us that still aren’t recycling our food waste, and we strongly encourage these people to change their habits; there’s certainly many reasons why they should.

“Along with the large environmental benefits, we offer free caddy liners, and by recycling food you’re freeing up space in your bins. It also helps to stop your bins from smelling from rotting food – remember your food caddy is emptied every week, your general waste isn’t!

“Thanks to everyone who recycles their food waste and to those who don’t, please get involved and play your part. Please take some time to understand what can be recycled in your food caddy…some of the things might surprise you!”

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How did you get on? Take a look below to see what other stuff can go in your food caddy.

What can go in my food caddy

Here’s a selection of the things that can be recycled as food waste:

• Out of date foods
• Bones and carcasses
• Egg shells
• Banana peelings (and other peelings)
• Apple cores
• Tea bags
• Coffee granules
• Raw foods
• Mouldy foods
• Plate scrapings
• Uneaten ready meals
• Fast food (e.g. chips and pizzas)
• Shellfish
• Wooden cutlery
• Wooden ice lolly sticks

Please don’t try to recycle in your caddy…

Things that we don’t want you to try and recycle as food waste are:

• Liquids (such as oil or milk)
• Packaging
• Plastic bags
• Nappies
• Garden waste

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