Before you decide to litter, please consider Jemima Glitter

If you drop an empty bottle, wrapper or carrier bag it might feel insignificant in the grand scheme of things – you’d probably forget about it within seconds…heck, it mightn’t even be there if you revisit the same spot the next day.

This could be because a Good Samaritan has picked up the litter and binned/recycled it accordingly, but it could also be because that piece of litter has started an entirely different journey.


To see what might happen to the litter we drop, you can watch the video Jemima Glitter and the voyage of Bob the Bottle.

“A hedgehog snuffled a cup with its snout,
Got it caught in its prickles and couldn’t get out,
Another discarded styrene cup,
Ended up as a shoe for an otter pup.”

It’s a three-minute poem written by Steve Backshall for Keep Britain Tidy, which shows how this litter can in fact be very significant to our wildlife and oceans in many different ways.

Important to recycle

Cllr David A Bithell, Lead Member for Environment and Transport said: “Every piece of litter dropped – and plastic litter in particular – has significance as shown in this Keep Britain Tidy video.

“The best ways you can help prevent plastics harming our wildlife and destroying our oceans is firstly, try and avoid using plastics as much as you can, but also please make sure you recycle the ones you use as much as possible.

“Don’t forget, in Wrexham you can recycle any type of plastic bottles, all plastic food trays, plastic pots and plastic tubs…it’s really important to recycle. Everyone has their part to play in protecting the environment.”

Space is ace!

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