Second voice advocacy service is looking for young people to join their advisory group.
Second voice helps young people get their voices heard. So, it makes sense that the advisory group for the service is made up of young people.

The group meets monthly at the INFO shop on Lambpit Street and they would love to see some new faces joining their team.

Not only could you meet new people and make friends but you could also learn new skills, which would look great on your CV!


Some of the things that the group has been involved in so far include:
– Interviewing all new advocates before they start the training
– Consulting on new policies and guidance that is aimed at young people
– Helping to promote the service, including making promotional videos
– Designing any publicity for Second Voice

If you join the advisory group, all of the hours will be logged with Millennium Volunteering and Stars Award at AVOW.

Cllr Andrew Atkinson, Lead Member said, “This is a fantastic opportunity for young people to have their voices heard. Being part of the advisory group for Second Voice would mean you would gain new skills and experience as well as being able to consult on policies and guidelines that directly affect young people. I would like to encourage anyone aged 11-25 to consider joining the group”

What is advocacy?

Advocacy is when someone else helps you to have your say, helping put right something that is wrong, like making a complaint or putting your side of the story across in situations where you feel you are unable.
Second voice is an advocacy project that has been set up to help make sure that when you need some help to explain or complain about things that are important to you, there is a trained advocate available to support.

To express your interest in joining the advisory group please contact: 01978 295600

For more information about the Second Voice advocacy service, please contact:
0800 0322630

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