Recycling envelopes windows questions

It’s true, there’s a lot to remember when it comes to recycling. If you find yourself sometimes looking at an item and wondering if it can be recycled, you’re not alone.

Our waste strategy team have had a number of questions put to them by members of the public recently; asking whether or not we can recycle certain materials. We’ve asked the team what these questions were, as well as the all-important part…their answers!

Here’s the questions you’ve been putting to our recycling team…

1. Can I recycle foil?

The answer is YES, but we must stress that it must be CLEAN foil. If the foil isn’t clean, it will contaminate the other materials in your recycling box. So if you have any used foil that is clean, please put it in your green box/middle wheelie box, together with your mixed plastics and cans, and we’ll recycle it.


2. Can I recycle glass roll-on deodorant bottles?

This one came up a while back, and we’re pleased to say that YES, glass roll-on bottles are recyclable, so please place these with your other glass to be recycled. The plastic lid that comes with it is also recyclable, so please remove it and put it in with your plastics.

3. What should I do with metal tin lids?

Once your metal tin is empty and clean, something you can do to help us out is putting the removed metal tin lid back inside the tin when you recycle it. This helps us because when we crush the metal together at the recycling centre, lids that haven’t been put back inside the tin often fall out of the bale due to their size. So tin lids in tins please 🙂

4. Are envelopes with windows recyclable?

This one confuses lots of people…but YES, these are recyclable! Please put envelopes with windows in with the rest of your paper and cardboard to be recycled.

5. Can I recycle coffee pods?

Unfortunately, NO we can’t recycle coffee pods. If you have any coffee pods, perhaps check with the supplier as sometimes you can return them to be recycled.

6. Do we really need to wash items first?

The answer to this is YES, absolutely! It’s really important that materials are free from any food residue when you recycle them because this means a much better quality of material is sent off to be recycled into new products. When you’ve finished washing your dishes, before pulling the plug, give your plastics a quick rinse in the dishwater. It doesn’t take long, and it’s usually enough to get rid of any excess.

7. Should I remove plastic/metal lids from glass jars?

YES please. Please put plastic and metal lids in your green box/middle wheelie box to be recycled and then the glass jar can be recycled with the rest of your glass.

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