It’s not only elephants and rhinos that need our help in order to protect the species. Right now, right here in Wrexham and across the UK there’s one bird that’s facing a very uncertain future and is becoming very rare.

The Curlew is recognised as one of the country’s most iconic bird species. It has a very distinct song that for many years has signalled the beginning of spring. Sadly today evidence shows that since the 1990’s Wales has lost over 80% of its breeding population. So there may be as few as 400 breeding pairs left in Wales and is “Red Listed” on both the Welsh and UK Birds of Conservation Concern. Without intervention they could be lost within 15 years.


“Only a few records”

They normally breed in farmland and in Wrexham they were once quite common. There’s now only a few recent records of them being present in lowland pasture around the Rivers Dee and Alyn with most breeding records coming from higher upland areas.

Thankfully action is being taken and the North Wales curlew Action Group has been formed and it now needs your help to help ensure this beautiful bird’s survival.

“So, how can we help?”

Firstly, it’s vital to find where Curlews are present and records are needed to identify where they are during the breeding season, (between April and June). If you see or hear any curlews whilst you are out and about please make a note of where you are and then report it here. You don’t have to be an expert birdwatcher – Curlews are easy to identify and a handy fact-sheet and recording form will be available soon to make it an easy process.

Take a look at this inspiring video about Curlew Country – a project to help increase Curlew populations

If you would like further information about the survey please contact either:

There’s also an illustrated talk at Llangollen Library on Monday 26 March between 6.30 and 7.30 organised by the Clwydian Range and Dee Valley Area of Natural Beauty. If you would like further information about this event please contact Rhun Jones, or telephone 01824 712795.


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