Can you help?

Safety. Cyber security. Fraud. Finance. Resources. And a thousand other things.

Like any large organisation, Wrexham Council faces a lot of pressures and risks – which we need to manage carefully.

Because if something goes wrong, it can have a big impact on our services…and the people who use them.

So we need to make sure we know what the main pressures and risks are, and that we’re doing enough to prevent or minimise their impact.

Maybe this is where you could come in?

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An unbiased mind

We’re looking for four independent members of the public to be part of our Governance and Audit Committee.

It meets several times a year, and helps ensure the council has good risk management, reporting and audit and governance processes.

Members of the public who sit on the committee (called ‘lay members’) must be non-political, and are paid for their time.

It might not sound very exciting at first glance, but it’s interesting work and very rewarding.

The committee helps ensure the council is taking a sensible approach and doing things properly – which is very important for local people who rely on its services.

The key thing is to have an unbiased mind and an independent attitude. You need to be able to weigh-up facts and evidence in a practical way, and be good at challenging things.

If you think you might be a good fit, please get in touch.

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