The Friendship Hub is a community of individuals and groups that come together to meet new people, have fun, and work together on improving access and inclusion for people with disabilities, or anyone who faces barriers to Inclusion.

The group is run by the members themselves.

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We are looking for an organisation to help us establish the hub as an independent group, link with community assets and help it grow.

And we want you to do it with us, not for us.

We are seeking an organisation to work with the hub for six months to build the group’s skills, help with asset-based community development and to support it to become an independent self-led group.

Can you help us grow as a community?

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Can you help us develop individuals who can become community leaders and activists?

Do you share our values of equality and promoting the rights of disabled people to play an active role in the communities of Wrexham?

If you think you are the right organisation to work with us, we are asking for a short video, no longer than 10 minutes to tell us:

  • About your organisation.
  • Why you are interested in working with us.
  • Your approach to helping us achieve the outcomes of The Friendship Hub.
  • How will you work with us / what will you do?
  • We welcome videos submitted in Welsh or English

The video should be accessible to people with a range of abilities.

To register your interest or for further information you can visit Sell 2 Wales

Deadline for submission of quotations: 12 Noon Tuesday 22 December 2020

Lawrlwythwch yr ap GIG