Carbon Reduction

We’re working with Xplore! Discovery Centre in the town centre to provide some interactive and engaging school workshops aimed at KS2 children in the county borough to educate them about climate change and highlight the ways in which they can help to reduce their carbon footprint.

They’ll take place in the coming months and those who attend will be asked to take part in a competition to create a decarbonisation character which may well see the winning entry becoming the figurehead for activities to support local communities as they begin to think about how they can reduce their carbon footprints too.

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As a finale to the workshops, Xplore! will host 2 showcase events for children from each school to celebrate and share what everyone has learned and introduce a selection of the character designs.

Back at the Science Centre, Xplore! will be working with designers to develop a funky interactive display to engage everyone in ideas for how we can all make changes.

We’ll look at buildings and using less energy, planting more trees and wildflowers, considering how we buy the things we need and where we get them from and making more of our journeys in an active and sustainable way.

“Carbon reduction work is really going at pace”

Cllr David A Bithell, Lead Member for Environment and Transport, said, “Our carbon reduction work is really going at pace now and the involvement of schools is an excellent move forward.

“Climate change is a real concern and we are looking to become carbon neutral by 2030 in order to leave our young people with a more sustainable future that’s manageable and good for our environment and the planet.”

Katie Williams, Business Development & Stakeholder Engagement Officer at Xplore! said, “We’ve certainly seen an increased appetite from schools for content about climate change so these fully-funded workshops are being really well received.

“Learners will get to build their own ‘Sustainability Street’ where they will start to understand the implications of some of their simple everyday choices.

“We’ll put our own unique stamp on the content to make it a fun and interactive session using age appropriate, relevant and meaningful examples of how students can reduce their own environmental impact.”

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