Black History 365 event

Race Equality Week – it’s everyone’s business

Last week was Race Equality Week, a UK-wide event highlighting the work of thousands of organisations and individuals across the country who work to address race equality...
St David's Day

City Centre Tourism in Wrexham Receives a Boost with Official Launch of Refurbished Visitor...

Visitors to Wrexham will find an enhanced offering this year, as the new Visitor Information Centre on Chester Street has opened it's doors! Formerly known as the...
Dementia art group at St Margaret's in Wrexham

Generous donation to support dementia art group in Wrexham

“You can live well with dementia” is the message the Alzheimer’s Society shares in its Dementia Friends sessions, and for many, art can be a huge help. In...
Marriage Allowance

Give the gift of Marriage Allowance on Valentine’s Day

Guest Article: HMRC Married couples are being urged to consider giving the gift of Marriage Allowance to their husband, wife or civil partner this Valentine’s Day, and save...
Egerton Street

Where CAN’T I drive my car?

Do you know what a Prohibition of Motor Vehicles Order is? More importantly, do you know where they are in Wrexham city centre? Here's a list to...
Ancient coins

Bring your hidden treasure to Wrexham Museum’s Finds Surgery!

Do you have any old and interesting archeological objects? Ever wondered what they were? Now is your chance to find out! Book a slot at this Saturday's Finds...
pedestrian wrexham

Who? What? When? Your guide to city centre pedestrian zones

What does it mean to be in a pedestrian zone? To make sure you don’t end up with a fine in the city centre, read on to find...
Food waste recycling

Combat ‘ych-a-fi’ to unleash the power of your food waste recycling

Wales may be a small country, but when it comes to recycling, we punch way above our weight. With 95% of us regularly recycling our waste, we’re...
Your vote is your voice

Do you live in Smithfield? It’s time to vote!

If you live in the Smithfield ward, you will have the chance to elect your new councillor at the by-election on February 23, 2023. All those wishing to...

Planning for the future – the Council Plan 2023-2028

Working out what a good future would look like and planning how to get there are important steps to making positive changes. At Wrexham Council we are doing...

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