In Wales we have a proud tradition of being a welcoming, diverse nation that goes back longer than we can all remember.

But the stories of compassion and understanding in our communities are often left untold.

Help promote the message of inclusiveness for all throughout Hate Crime Awareness Week by adding your thoughts to the conversation.

On October 15 from 12-2pm at Tŷ Pawb, #WelcomeWales will be celebrating those stories with talks, discussion, hate crime support, music, spoken word, stalls…and free food!

#WelcomeWales is a great opportunity to celebrate the best of our culture and community. These are the stories of our lives – and they remind us that we are stronger and happier together.

For anyone unable to attend at 12pm, Gareth and Monika will also be available at Tŷ Pawb from 6-8pm, providing leaflets and other information from the event. This is also an opportunity to chat with our Cohesion Team on a 1:1 basis.

About this event

12-12.10pm: Three Tales of Wales: A brief talk on Welsh Diversity by Gareth Hall

12.10-12.40pm: “What does being Welsh mean to you?” An open discussion on diverse Welsh identities

12.40-12.55pm: Voices of Wales, Part 1: A spoken word performance by Natasha Borton

12.55-1.05pm: Tea and coffee, with a diverse selection of delicious Welsh and Polish snack food

1.05-1.30pm: Reporting hate crime: Q&A and advice from Diversity Officer Gary Robert Shaw

1.30-1.45pm: Victim support: a friendly chat with Jessica Rees and Trudy Peese

1.45-2.00pm: Voices of Wales, Part 2: A special acoustic performance by Josh Fielden