Check ‘n’ clean and love your leftovers – 2 simple recycling tips for a better Wrexham

Recycling…it’s a funny old business!

You might think you’ve got it cracked, and if you’re taking the time to recycle in the first place, you’re definitely on the right track…but…

With just a few simple tweaks, you might be able to do an even more brilliant job – benefiting both you and Wrexham.

Follow these two simple steps to get the best out of your recycling 🙂

Check ‘n’ clean

This is the first step! Before you chuck an item in your black bin, have a good look at it and ask yourself the important question “can I recycle it?”

If you’re not sure, take a look at our website.

“Yes” you say – great! Now you’ve identified that it can be recycled you won’t have to put it in your black bin waste. As we know, these can fill up quickly and get very smelly…

“But won’t it still get smelly in my recycling?” we hear you say…quite simply no! It doesn’t have to. Give your jars, bottles and tins a quick swill in used dishwater to get them clean.

It doesn’t take long and it makes them much easier to recycle. You won’t have any smelly odours to deal with and you’ll be helping out Wrexham.

Because by cleaning the item, you’ll make it easier to recycle – helping us save or generate more money. Money we can spend on public services in Wrexham.

Sounds good? Right, step 2…

Love the leftovers

Fancy making something out of nothing? Read on…

If you put your leftover food waste into your black bin waste, it’s a bit of a waste!

By taking the time to recycle leftover food in your grey food caddy it can start its journey to becoming compost.

You’ll be freeing up even more space in your black bin and benefiting the environment at the same time.

These are two simple steps you can take to get the best out of your recycling…we’ll be giving you many more tips about recycling in the coming weeks, so stay tuned.

It’s recycle week (September 24-30), so now is a great time to both ‘check n clean’ and ‘love the leftovers’.

Cllr David A. Bithell, Lead Member for Environment and Transport says: “It’s true that the people of Wrexham do a great job with their recycling, and we really appreciate the steps people are taking to improve their recycling habits even further.

“With some minor changes we know that we can get even better and we really thank everyone for taking the time to recycle.”

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