As Christmas approaches lots of us are gearing up for Christmas nights out with friends and families so we’re reminding everyone of the need to check that any taxi you get into is properly licensed.

There are some car owners out there who will take advantage of people at the end of their evening and take their money without being a properly licensed and legal taxi driver.

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If they’re not licensed they’re not insured which means it could be costly for you further down the line should anything happen.

Here’s some useful tips to keep  you safe

  • All private hire or hackney cab vehicles will be displaying white and purple coloured license plates which should be on the outside of all vehicles.
  • A licensed Hackney Carriage will display a rear plate and an illuminated roof sign displaying the word ‘TAXI’.
  • Private hire vehicles will also have yellow adhesive signs in the rear windows.
  • All drivers will have an ID badge with their name, photograph, license number and expiry date.  If you can’t see it please ask to see it before you set off.

Many unlicensed taxi drivers may be driving in busy streets or hovering about busy night spots for unsuspecting individuals or groups so please always check to make sure you’re not becoming part of a scam.

If you suspect that someone is acting as an unlicensed taxi, you can report this to the Licensing Section on 01978 297441, email  Or alternatively contact the Police on 101. You can remain anonymous if you wish.

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