Wrexham to Bidston

The Chester Shrewsbury Rail Partnership recently held their AGM and Partnership meeting through video conferencing.

Cllr David A Bithell of Wrexham CBC was re-elected as Chair of the Partnership and Jackie Allen representing Severn Dee Travel re-elected as Vice Chair.

Cllr Bithell commented that the Partnership was pleased to be able to continue with projects that had been agreed earlier in the year and that the new revised Business Plan for 2020-2025 and budget had been agreed.

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‘We will be looking to deliver a range of initiatives but of particular importance was a new study to identify what the communities along the line of route need from their railway in years to come.

He continued ‘This pandemic is bringing great changes to everyone’s lives. Planning the future for this line needs to look to what benefits the line can bring to its communities to and what the communities need from its railway.

We need to establish how we can help communities with more sustainable and healthy travel options, to make travel more integrated, boost mobility and ensure it is accessible to all’.

‘The line serves many different communities with different reasons to travel which needs to be understood. Many need to travel outside the line of route and we aim to working in closer collaboration with other agencies to extend the benefits. These collaborative alliances should also look to enhance the economic benefits and improve the passenger experience’.

‘The study aims to identify and prioritise those needs and bring together all agencies and their work into a single document that all can relate to and assist in future planning’.

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