We have another exciting interactive event coming up at Tŷ Pawb!

Imagine a future where Wrexham has developed the technology to power itself with 100% renewable energy.

In this ‘zero-carbon’ Wrexham, we’d be able to feed ourselves sustainably and leave a safe habitable climate for our children and future generations.

If you were able to live in this future and you had the chance to send a postcard ‘back in time’ to Wrexham as it is now, what would you want to tell us?

Tŷ Pawb will be inviting you to write your message at their upcoming event, ‘Postcards From The Future’.


How can we create a sustainable future?

For this event, Ty Pawb excited to welcome back Paul Allen to Tŷ Pawb for this follow-up to ‘Zero-Carbon Wrexham’.

This event is one of a series running alongside the first major exhibition at Tŷ Pawb, ‘Is This Planet Earth?’

The purpose of ‘Postcards from the Future’ is to encourage a continued conversation around sustainability and climate change and how this affects us and our habitat.

Understanding this story can change how we think about our world and ourselves, opening us up to new possibilities – giving us the confidence to envision a Zero Carbon Wrexham.

An exciting new space for discussions

Lead Member for People – Communities, Partnerships Public Protection and Community Safety, Cllr Hugh Jones, said: “Tŷ Pawb provides Wrexham with an exciting new space for dialogue around subjects including social and civic issues, the environment, health, cultural identity, sustainability and education.

“I’m delighted to see Paul Allen returning to Tŷ Pawb for this event. His innovative approach to imagining the future will open up all kinds of conversations about issues which are becoming ever more important in the modern world.”

Postcards from the Future takes place at Tŷ Pawb on Thursday 17 May, 6.30pm-8.00pm.

It’s a free event but would advise booking ahead to make sure you can attend!

To book, get in touch with Tŷ Pawb. You can email: typawb@wrexham.gov.uk or ring 01978 292093

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