On Monday 13 March, there will be a brief flag raising ceremony between 10.45 and 11.00am to mark 10 years since the signing of the Charter of the Commonwealth by the late Queen.

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The charter is the definitive expression of commonwealth values and aspirations –and the essential commitment of all Commonwealth countries.

A reading of the Commonwealth proclamation by Wrexham Mayor Cllr Brian Cameron will happen from the Guildhall balcony ahead of a blessing of the flag by Rev’d Canon Dr Jason Bray. The flag of peace will then be raised as part of the ceremony. Cities across the UK and Commonwealth will be holding similar ceremonies.

The Lord Lieutenant and other dignitaries will also be in attendance at the event.

Wrexham Mayor Cllr Brian Cameron said: “We welcome members of the public to attend the ceremony in Wrexham, similar ceremonies will be happening across the globe in places such as Canada, Pakistan and New Zealand.”

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