We’re asking all our residents to be good neighbours during the current COVID-19 situation and avoid causing unnecessary noise and disturbance to their neighbours.

There’s been a large increase in domestic noise complaints recently. It’s currently 50% higher here in Wrexham and 48% across the UK when compared to the same period in previous years.

The noise being complained of includes music, barking dogs, DIY and other noise.  A contributing factor is the good weather which has exposed more people to noise from their neighbours.


Cllr Mark Pritchard, Leader of the Council, said: “With so many of us at home at the moment it’s difficult not to make use of our gardens for recreation or take the opportunity to do a bit of DIY. But please consider your neighbours when you are doing this. Ask yourself am I causing any distress or concern to others around me?”

Chief Executive, Ian Bancroft, said: “We all want to come out of this with healthy and happy communities and in order to do this we should all be considering our neighbours. Please act responsibly to help this happen. Please stay safe and hopefully we will all be able to begin to return to normal soon.”

If you are affected by noise there is an app available – The Noise App – it enables you to record the noise on your smart or android mobile phone and submit recordings via a secure website to our Public Protection service.

You can download the app here.

There has also been a large increase in complaints about domestic bonfires which we’ve reported about previously:

Advice on how to avoid causing unnecessary noise and disturbance is available on our website:

Noise or smoke nuisance complaints can be reported online via the above link or  to our Contact Centre:

Telephone 01978 292040 or email

The current restrictions are also causing concerns for mental health well being and a noticeable increase nationally in reports of domestic abuse which appears to be related to people spending more time at home. Advice and support is available from the following

Public Health Wales –


Refuge National helpline –

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