Coronavirus restrictions

Over the last few days officers from our Public Protection team and Wrexham Police have been visiting licenced premises in the county borough to carry out compliance checks under the new Coronavirus restrictions.

So far, 27 licenced premises have received a visit and officers have been very pleased with the high level of compliance by all those visited.


The visits were unannounced and took place at a variety of times including at night and over the bank holiday weekend.

All businesses that should be closed were closed and those who were continuing to trade were doing so responsibly. Officers also used the visits to give further advice on social distancing for staff and customers collecting food orders.

“Compliance with the Coronavirus restrictions”

Chief Executive, Ian Bancroft and Council Leader, Cllr Mark Pritchard, said: “It’s a very difficult time for businesses at the moment and we would like to thank everyone for their compliance with the Coronavirus restrictions. We all hope these times are over soon but right now their responsible actions are helping to reduce the spread of this virus and helping us all to stay safe.”

Superintendent Mark Pierce with Eastern Division said: “We are working closely with the council to help ensure everyone’s safety at this difficult time. Thankfully most people understand the importance of complying with the current restrictions and it encouraging to note that all the licenced premises we have checked recently are playing their part.”

Visits will continue to take place over the coming weeks but if you are concerned about a particular business please email

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